Three Hurricanes Hit Homeruns In Split Series

Three Hurricanes Hit Homeruns In Split Series

Carrollton, Ga. – Georgia Southwestern softball team traveled to the University of West Georgia on Tuesday afternoon in a result of splitting the double header wins. Keri Tompkins, Jordan Miller, and Nellie Moore each contributed homeruns during the series.



West Georgia was the first to put a run on the board when Nicole Yancey made it home on a single into right field.

Miller was the first Hurricane to take matters into her hands, by hitting a homerun into the right center. This is Millers first homerun of the season.

The following inning, off a double West Georgia was able to bring in three runs. Trailed by another double bringing in another run. West Georgia was up by four points.

Miller completed another trip around the bases after Allison Pastor hit a double into center field.

West Georgia's Heather Crow hit a homerun in the bottom of the sixth bringing in two other runners.

In an attempt to narrow the margin, Tompkins hit a homerun into left center also bringing in Rachel McElroy and Haley Knight. These runs were little too late. GSW fell by three, 5-8.

Ashley Cavender took the loss after pitching in two innings and allowing five hits and runs to take place. Pastor made an appearance on the mound for four innings limiting the batters to three runs and hits and one homerun, while also striking out four.  West Georgia's Meagan Stover took the win after pitching in six innings and only allowing seven hits and two runs. Courtney Gunby made an appearance in one inning giving up three hits and run, one of which was a homerun.




West Georgia was able to produce the first run in the second inning when Jordan Corbin was walked in.

The Lady 'Canes were able to respond in the fourth when Moore and Tompkins scored off of two separate wild pitches.

The following inning for GSW was just as productive. Tompkins was taken out when she sent a ball into foul territory on the right side, however it allowed Knight to score. The next Lady 'Cane up to bat was Miller who singled up the middle, bringing Moore in to score.

At the top of the seventh Moore made a solid connection with the ball sending the ball into right field homerun territory. Georgia Southwestern was up four runs. West Georgia took advantage of the last inning at bat with two more runs produced from a homerun by Heather Crow also bringing in Molly Uhrman.

The second game ended with GSW up by 2, 5-3, splitting the series.

 Pastor took the win (4-3), after pitching in all seven innings only allowing two hits and three runs. West Georgia's Megan Roberts took the loss after facing 15 batters. Courtney Gunby also made a pitching appearance and allowed one homerun.


Georgia Southwestern improves to a 10-6 overall record and West Georgia moves onto a 12-6 overall record.

The Lady 'Canes are playing back at Lady 'Cane Field on March 1st to take on Fort Valley State. The doubleheader is set to begin at 2:00 p.m.