Mission Statement

To provide student-athletes and their coaches the correct training methods to optimize training by basing programs on sound scientific physiological principles in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Program Philosophy

To create robust student-athletes that excel in their sport and are resilient both on and off the field of competition.


  • Movements are ground based as every single movement in sports is initiated from the ground up through the body’s kinetic chain.
  • All workouts are based around a primary compound movement.
  • Core stability is the primary goal with each movement pattern.
  • All training is based on the progressive overload principle where periodization and progression are the cornerstones of all programs.
  • Results are based on the athletes’ level of buy-in and commitment - not only with team activities, but what is done outside of training (sleep, nutrition, hydration, etc.)
  • It’s not about how much an athlete is able to lift but it’s how well the athlete performs the movement.


  • Decrease all non-contact and over use soft tissue injuries.
  • Increase the ability of the athlete to exert maximal strength.
  • Vertical Jump and broad jumps
  • Provide the education needed to change body composition.
  • Incorporate corrective/preventative movements into the athletes program such as mobility and balance.
  • Using assistive exercises as just that and placing the emphasis on compound exercises.
  • Use targeted education to inform student athletes of the safety and correct use of supplements.


Assistant Athletic Trainer Phoebe Sports Medicine
Head of Athletic Performance