:: Athletics Communications 

The Athletics Communications Office is located in the Student Success Center (SSC Office #2311). All media relations for the universities athletics programs are handled through the Athletics Communications Office.

Results of all home events are posted on the athletic department website and released to the media after the completion of the event on that same day. Results for all away games are posted on athletic department website and released to media no later than one day after the event.

Special awards, recognition of student-athletes and department staff, and general athletic department releases must be made through the Athletics Communications Office.

The athletic department website is maintained by the Athletics Communications staff. All design elements and information must be approved by Athletics Communications before going "live" on the web.

Interviews with coaches, players and other athletic staff must be setup thru the Athletics Communications Office. Coaches and players are available for interviews prior the game but the interviews must be arranged in advance. Coaches and players are also available for media interviews following the game, for a brief period of time.


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