GSW Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame Committee
Mike Leeder, GSW Director of Athletics
Debra Sloan, GSW Athletics Administrative Assistant
Michele Ragsdale, GSW Faculty Athletic Representative & GSW women's basketball alumna
Ryan Young, GSW Foundation trustee & GSW baseball alumnus
Phillip Brown, GSW men's basketball alumnus & GSW Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Inducted in 2021

Lou Davidson Chase   Softball   1982-1988


Chris Fenn   Photographer of the Hurricanes    2002-Present 


Phillip Brown   Men's Basketball   2010-2012


J.P. Griffin   Men's Golf   2009-2013 


Hugh Stanley "Butch" Watts   Men's Basketball/Baseball   1963-1965


David W. Justice   Football   1984-1987 
Richard W. Ross   Baseball   1965-1969 


Mary Elizabeth Lado   Softball   1998-2000
Adrian R. Mack   Men's Basketball   1995-1997
Kizzi Trawick Walker   Women's Basketball   1997-2000


Paul Bush   Baseball   1999-2002
*William (Willy) Mathis   Men's Basketball/Track   1969-1973
J.P. Clementi   Men's Tennis   1998-2001


Rebecca Brown   Women's Basketball   1992-1996
*Ann Williams Planas   Coach   1999-2002
Dwayne Miles   Men's Basketball   1995-1999


Daniel Lindsey Torbert   Charter Hurricane Club Member    
Jessi Garrett-West   Volleyball/Softball   1997-2000
Mark Clark   Baseball   1997-1998


Ernest Scott   Men's Basketball    
Kim Cribb   Women's Basketball/Tennis    
Laura Holland Schoenwald   Women's Tennis    


Shelli Wall   Women's Basketball    
Eric Taylor   Men's Basketball   1995
Dr. Fred Flandry   Team Physician    


Jerome Hubbard   Men's Basketball/Tennis   1980
Larry Gurchiek, ATC/L   Athletic Trainer   1984-1993
*Marion "Pete" Silver   Women's Basketball   1957-1959


Dr. Greg M. Hawver   Women's Basketball Coach    
*Roy Lee Smith   Charter Hurricane Club Member    
*Glynn Mathis   Baseball    


Lawrence Norman "Red" Hill   Men's Basketball/Baseball/Tennis   1956-1957
Donald English   Baseball   1964-1969
David R. Byrd   Football   1984-1989


*Jack "Coach Jack" Robison   Coach   1942-1973
DeAnn Young Reid   Softball   1985-1989
Jimmy Melvin   Men's Basketball   1957-1959


Rick Davis   Football   1983-1985
*Ricky Burgess   "Voice of the Hurricanes"   1973-2018
Earl "Cutter" Gammage   Baseball   1948-1951
Phillip Kevin Moye   Baseball   1984-1988


Robbie McCorkle   Baseball   1976-1981
Anthony Jenkins   Football   1985-1988
Carl Peaster   Men's Basketball   1955-1957
*Marion A. "Judy" Shiver   Men's Basketball   1955-1957
*Godfrey Knight   Coach   1955-1983


William Anthony Anderson   Football   1984-1989
Marshall Taylor   Men's Basketball   1984-1989
Coach Bill Chappell   Baseball/Men's Basketball   1950-1951
*Mary Crawford   Women's Golf   1946-47, 1968-69
Bridgette Colson   Women's Basketball   1985-1988
*Jimmy L. Hightower   Football Coach   1982-1989
*Dr. Bob C. Clark   Administrator   1978-1994


*Marinus Kregel   Coach   1965-1978
Melvin Kinslow   Baseball/Men's Basketball   1954-1955
Edgar Leon   Men's Basketball   1989-1990
Sandra Felton   Women's Basketball   1983-1986
Dr. William H. Capitan   President   1979-1995
Carol Turner   Women's Basketball   1986-1991
*Roger Glover   Football   1982-1986
Greg Slappey   Football/Baseball   1984-1988
Calvin Hunter   Men's Basketball/Track   1972-1976
* Deceased